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We will build your dream home for you! Frame, brick and aerated concrete houses
7 days without content         $300 (Not including domain and hosting fees)
HomeЛэнд is a construction company in Novosibirsk. It offers a wide range of works in the construction of brick, frame and sibate houses of any complexity. All works are "turnkey" with minimal temporal customer costs.
to design a logo
to develop a one-page website at the lowest price and in the shortest possible time
to connect various metrics, to set up CRM with duplicate request directly to the Telegram messenger
to conduct an advertising campaign on Instagram
We were assigned the following tasks:
03   FONT &
The domain is registered at Reg.ru.
The Tilda system was chosen for the development, since the site had to be inexpensive and was needed urgently.
Also, an advertising campaign on Instagram was developed for the client, various metrics were connected and a CRM was set up with duplicate requests directly to the Telegram messenger.
After setting up the site, the initial SEO settings were made, SSL and various plugins were connected.
Website address:    https://homelandnsk.ru

Due to numerous modifications by the Customer, it took 7 days to develop the site. Development of the site for the terms of reference took 2 days.
50% of the content is provided by the customer.
We are open to accepting new projects
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